Anyone remember the old tube TV's? Buttons, no remote and noisy hahaha.

Playing around with normals and displacements using rock texture from TextureHaven and sky image from HDRI Haven.

Playing around with normals and displacements using textures from TextureHaven.

Quick animatic - starting a run on the Death Star.

Bit of fun today in Blender, using boolean to punch holes in objects and a spiral which used to create the groove in the vinyl record. Also put a couple of bends in the stylus arm to make it look more authentic.

Audio used: thejazzpiano.mp3 and sound effects from

Little project where I created a video cassette and animated a ton of tape spewing out. I used the real video label after making a UV map of the label area.

A little throwback to the good ol' days... I created and animated the cassette and tape un-spooling in Blender.

I found when I played with the axis of text in Blender that I could (using a circle bezier) curve it to wrap it around an object - which immediately brought the Universal Logo to mind...

Starting to test out motion blur in Blender, looking forward to coming up with some better examples shortly.

Quick perspective breakdown of the ITV logo.

Spruced up the ident for the movie.

SFX used are from:

Logo for movie-making company GMG Productions. I based the upper portion on prominent venue signs from along Blackpool promenade and for the lower portion I recreated a film reel.

A 3D text project, with a curved backdrop to give a pleasing back-lighting effect.

Quick animation using text on a curve and various objects, including light bulbs.

Another film reference, this time Beetlejuice. I'm going to keep going with this one as I love the model village of the town created for the film and the way Tim Burton used it throughout the story. Finding great ways to share materials with other objects and animating repeat patterns using the graph editor. Plus using repeating objects with the array modifier.

Solar system fly-through, I started this and put it to one side, but a friend inspired me to finish it so here it is. My next step might be to add more realistic surfaces and textures.

Quick animation of a Phantasm Sphere roaming a corridor and attacking with it's drill.

Quick and simple recreation of the Marvel logo. The logo slowly extrudes as the cameras tracks it on the Z axis.

Here's a scale model of the solar system's planets in Blender. I saw a clockwork model a while ago and wondered how I could recreate it. I used Earth as the base and set the other planets according to their own orbit around the Sun. I also worked on a Solar System fly-through which I'll upload soon.

Quick scale and camera move through an ICO sphere in blender.

Nice little 3D intro for the show House of Games with Richard Osmond. Recreated in Blender.

A gateway to hell in the popular horror franchise Hellraiser.

Animating the Hellraiser Box.

A bit of practice using the camera in Blender.

More practice using the camera tool and playing with movements and ways to focus on objects.

Here's a digital recreation of the Laughing Man's exhibit - next stage creating the characters to go in it.