Druids: Film-making

A lads-weekend away turns deadly, when ancient druids in need of a human sacrifice turn their camping trip into a nightmare.

The Golden Mile Gauntlet: Screenplay

A desperate prostitute must find a way to pay her debt to a ruthless pimp, or run a deadly gauntlet of funhouse monsters.

WitchfinderZ: Screenplay and Book

A reluctant heir to a wealthy dynasty, must trust his grandfather's failing mental health, to save his high-school-crush from a malevolent spirit.

Hook-up: Short & Feature Screenplay

A software programmer is drawn into a psychopath's diabolical plan for a new world order, after she and her friends install a new dating app.

HACKs: Treatment

An unambitious gamer refuses a potential white-collar life when he chooses to join the army, but when his country is attacked, he must find a way to end the war and expose a world-wide conspiracy.

Mycelium: Treatment

A teenager - devastated by the death of his older brother - learns that a gigantic fungus, which spawns every hundred years, is turning the town's inhabitants into mindless drones.

Black Dog: Treatment

After a brutal attack, a volunteer carer experiences a body-swap event that enables him to disrupt the balance of power in his neighbourhood and in his life.