concept poster

Promo poster created to help raise awareness of the production.

We found David Moore on social media after he put out an invitation for screenwriters (with a love of horror) to collaborate on a story he had come up with. The story had to involve camping in Scotland and a group of friends coming under attack from an unseen force. There was also another idea; that they would somehow find themselves transported to different areas. This intrigued us and we instantly remembered classic horrors such as The Evil Dead and Dog Soldiers, along with The Blind Dead. Very early on we latched on to the idea that the antagonists would be druids and went about researching them. We found that although druids had a good relationship with nature, they would also hold ritual sacrifices as offerings to their gods. We found that propaganda also featured in the druid story legacy with even Julius Caesar claiming that druids were evil as they waged war against them.

We spent about a week writing the first draft and sent it over to David (Moore) for feedback. Thankfully he liked what we'd done and even showed it to the actor he had in mind for the main protagonist (Mike). We followed it up with another two drafts, working the story out and lengthening the running time to make it feature length. As this is going to be shot low budget, we had to bear in mind the logistics and feasibility of shooting within protected areas. This lead David (Moore) and ourselves to conclude that perhaps a location local in the North-West would make more sense, rather than shipping equipment and actors up to Scotland.

We also thought about props and set-design and began to build a mock stone megalith to work out how much a stone circle set might cost. The video below shows the process we undertook to build a 5ft megalith at home (during Covid-19 lock-down) using cheap materials available to us at the time. We were happy with the final result and managed to get a really good idea as to what the overall cost would be for the budget.

Megalith Construction

Five minute documentary experimenting with set-piece.