fun-house monsters

Below is research and sketches relating to the characters needed in the movie.

The four snapshots above are present day and historical pics. The third character 'Jokerface' I'd like to have an angry version as well (see advert style graphic below). For the first and fourth characters I'm hoping to find the right actors, so make-up can be minimal - maybe just a plastic shine on their face over the make-up (I also want 'Infant Clown' to be cute, the first photo is hideous - something more like the rough doodle (below left) would be an improvement.

Below is the exhibit where Laughing Man and Infant Clown perform.

Below is a CG rendering of the characters and the exhibit used in the movie.

The three characters with numbers on their chests (see top sketch) - I liked the idea of their heads to be like small bean bags, the kind you knock off with a ball at a stall to win prizes. I found draw-string hessian sacks online, which could make for an interesting effect when turned upside down.

mock newspaper advert

After coming across the 'Monster Squad' audio soundtrack CD, I loved the design so much that I thought it could be cool to create something similar to promote the characters in the screenplay.

Below these two research photos is a Blender build of the enclosure that 'The Laughing Man' and 'Infant Clown' occupy.

Below are simple Lego sets and Lego characters to show how they could be filmed and their interactions. Rather than storyboard, I photographed reference shots from multiple angles to save me laboriously sketching each scene.

Scene: Meeting with king pimp

scene: AMy talks to debra

scene: oli gives chase

scene: neighbour ultimatum