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Disaster Chickens is a collection of short animations based on the original story "The Chickens and the Hurricane." The characters and animation were kept simple and 2D, although the animation does utilise 3D space.

The legendary 'no-budget-horror' director/producer Nik Box helped gather some truly creative people to complete this. The narration was provided by the talented Peter Murfet and the score by Kurt Walsh (current owner of The Crypt Cafe, Blackpool).

The series is available on Amazon Prime and the books can be bought on Amazon as Kindle Ebooks.


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Five stories now playing on Amazon Prime.

books to buy

Available to buy in digital Kindle format from Amazon: Disaster Chickens Anthology, plus each book separately:

The Chickens and the Hurricane;

The Chickens and the Alien Invasion;

The Chickens and the Great War;

The Chickens and the Plague;

The Chickens and the Drought.