A fake brand for the show

Website image created for background

Two printed table promotions for canteen

First time I've worked on a TV production (as a Graphic Designer), and what an experience! I managed to work with some terrific people within the TV industry and learnt so much about the inner working of TV production.

I created fake brands, digital and printed media to fit in the shows locations and storyline. I started creating the posters below and remembered the triptych that Drew Struzan created for the Star Wars re-releases. I decided to design six, that when placed side by side would fit thematically together.

Quick gym logo that needed to be created quickly for production

Poster printed for signage outside (and inside as posters). One of the actors even asked for one after filming for her daughter.

Getting to design and help created the book signing props was great fun. Large format printing has really tested me on this production, to be fair 'print' has always been daunting for me as I've mostly been involved with digital - where problems can be fixed and artwork can be replaced without cost. Print can be an expensive medium when you get it wrong, and large banners measuring 2000m x 800mm - plus the time it takes for them to be made and delivered - can really test your nerve.

Another design for the book signing event, interestingly the books (around 20 in total) hadn't arrived via courier, so I had to quickly knock up 3D versions in Blender using the dust cover I'd created to make it look as photo realistic as I could.

To go along with the storyline - the actor was photographed in an Indiana Jones outfit. I Added to the scene by suggesting having the weed killer in golden (OK yellow) bottles and setting them in crates - to emulate the last scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

It's not all glamourous.

There were many items that needed designing - from the everyday to the mundane, but it's all in a day's work.