hook-up (must love pets)

A software programmer is drawn into a psychopath's diabolical plan for a new world order, after she and her friends install a new dating app.

Based on the feature screenplay ‘Must Love Pets’, ‘Hook-up’ is a 26 page screenplay that boils down the essence of Must Love Pets which centres around Jo-anna (a love-lorn pet-shop worker) and the strained relationship between herself and best friend Kirsty.

Kirsty has been abroad travelling for a year while Kirsty has had to stay behind to look after her father’s pet-shop, as he tends to Jo-anna’s terminally-ill mother. Kirsty’s return stirs up suppressed feelings within Jo-anna, who does her best to ignore them.

The Hook-up app provides the catalyst to stir up more tension in the story as it links together all the characters and creates a little foreboding through-out. At first it’s a minor plot-point that is metioned in passing conversation, but its importance in the end is unquestionable.

Jo-anna’s involvement and importance is also revealed as more antagonists are introduced. Not only is she ‘that’ friend that keeps the group together, but she's been integral in the creation of the app.